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You will learn the secrets you need to know to become successful at the game of making money.

TIP #1.

Confused or curious about Penny Stocks? Watch my "feet wet" for newbies video.

Your first successful Penny trade could easily cover this one tip.

Why is it two different individuals can buy the exact same penny stock and one person makes a lot of money and the other makes nothing?

This is a very short video and probably will give you what I call the "well, Duh" moment.

Lets go make some money.

Coming Soon:

Secret #2.

Who Needs A Margin Account?
Learn how to short the market without a Margin Account or the risks associated with it, such as a margin call. Trust me... Shorting the market and having it go the wrong way on you can ruin your day and often times, your life.
This usually doesn't happen in the beginning but it can... However, in the beginning, we are usually more careful but as we make more $$, the dollars seem more like poker chips than real dollars and we begin to allow risk in because we believe we could have made so much more if we had a higher level invested than we did the last time we won... And here's where fortunes are won and lost. However, they are lost more often than won and usually due to greed and a Margin Call at a very in-opportune or unexpected moment.
With this video I will show you HOW to manage your risk in shorting the market legally without a Margin Account. in TWO different ways. One way is fairly affordable to anyone wanting to short and the other is a 25k base.  Both of which translate as "NO MARGIN CALL THREAT" ever. If the market goes south on you, you'll lose stock value only,receive NO margin call, AND can easily recover the following day.  I will also instill some guidelines of rationality on how to make positive cash flow AND how to keep the cash in YOUR account by limiting your losses. And for those who  are wondering... You cannot engage in either if you are in an IRA or Self Managed IRA. Do not push the "go button" on this one unless you have a standard Stock trading fund.

Secret #3

Tools Brokers Use.
The key to being a good or GREAT broker is in being able to save your clients when times like Y2K roll around, or Jimmy Carters Stagflation years... Or even right now. You need to know when to hold em and you need to know when to fold em. There is every day rationality such as today September 30th 2010, the market is high, it peaked above 10900 today. Some of the "secret tools" are even showing optimism. Am I long in the market right now? In the next few days you will see the market take a huge downward swing... Why would anyone be long in the Market right now? You are probably looking at this message at some future date past today 09/30... How bad of a beating did you take? Use the tools... Protect yourself... Use the TOOLS!!!
Within the next couple trading days, I will legally start Shorting the market until it hits bottom and when it begins to turn around I will go long again... Very simple when you know how.

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