AMD – The Viper Lunges… HARD!


Six days later and AMD breaks to the upside. How can I help you ANY better that THAT! We were in a classic squeeze. The 50 Day Moving Average was coming in like a Fighter Jet on a Carrier. The daily candles were trending upwards. The MACD and RSI were rising and with no where to run, no where to hide, AMD's only choice was to blow through the 50. And blow through, it did. I heard the "POP" all the way out in Idaho where all I had was my Smart Phone.   So much for my whole new wave of unwavering wavering! haha... er... Never mind! All that said, I have put together a new video for you that I think may help you see where we came from and where we are headed and what our next choices may be.

Surprise.... AMD is clearly NOT dead... Hold off on buying that coffin.

Take a look at today's video and I think it will help you define the new direction\

Click here to see AMD's breakout today.

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  1. Robg says:

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  2. Robg says:

    Three things I think are important to say right now that cable stock guru’s won’t tell you.

    #1. Do NOT buy this stock right now.
    #2. Flag formation in process
    #3. Formed a bullish engulfing pattern for most of the day today.

    So why #1? Because tomorrow this stock will probably plummit. I’m speculating it will test the 200 day moving average then drop and the bulls will go to pasture and the bears will come out of hibernation. But I could be wrong. I could be wrong that it will test, or that it wont immediately drop through the floor just due to skitterish investors tomorrow. Profit taking may start earily and forge the new trend downward. Either way, NOW is NOT the time to climb aboard. Wait till this thing pulls back… I expect a good 20pt reversal.

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