July, 2015


The Q’s


NASDAQ: QQQ The QQQ PowerShares Trust fell 0.50+% last week. After falling below trend line support, the index began trading in a very choppy volatile sideways pattern. Traders should watch for a move back up to the 108.00 level of resistance, or for a move down to the 200-day moving average currently @ 104.38. Looking at technical indicators, the RSI appears neutral at 46.07, BUT the MACD remains in a bearish freefall which if we look at the CCI… just may be starting to reverse. I have boxed out theRead More

Greece – A Different Kind Of Opportunity

epa04829735 A banner reading: 'Everywhere is OXI! All say NO!' is attached to the Euro sign monument in front of the former headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB), in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 03 July 2015. A solidarity demonstration for Greece which was called by the 'Blockupy' movement will take place at the site later the same evening.  EPA/FRANK RUMPENHORST

Apologies for errors as I’m writing this one from my phone. I want you to pay close attention now to the next events which transpire. And I need you to do so in three areas. Those three areas are Banking, Government, and the average Joe Greek citizen. Now watch quietly, listen up, and pay very close attention to the interaction between these three entities. What you learn here now, may become very useful to you and your success… Or failure, in the future should all these crazy conspiracy theories floatingRead More

Today’s Jobs Report – Cloudy With A Chance Of More Obama Songs!


Two things came out of today’s bad news. The threat of a constricting labor force and the promise of the Fed potentially backing off the threat of an impending rate hike come September. But really… This is sorta like drinking a diet pop with a doughnut in hopes of negating the calories. Here’s my concern with all that is transpiring. We are being financially affected daily with world news. The Greek bail out, the ongoing ISIS rampage, etc… We are the greatest Nation on Earth and none of this literallyRead More